PowerShape® CAD software combines surface, solid and mesh modelling to help engineers prepare moulds, dies and other complex parts for manufacture. Ideal for use with PowerMill CAM software.

CAD software for complex parts, electrode design, and modeling for manufacture it is also helps manufacturers import, fix, and prepare complex models in readiness for CNC machining. Use PowerShape as a modeling companion to get more from PowerMill CAM software.

Your CAM Companion

It is ideal modeling companion & Greater controller of 5 axis motion

Tool & Die Design

Designed to meet the needs of mold, tool and die manufacturers

Electrode Design

Design,manufacture, inspection, & utilization of electrodes (EDM)

Reverse Engineering

Combines Point Cloud & Mesh for 3d Scanning Data to Physical

PowerShape Features
Cam Modelling Companion
  • Create additional geometry to use inside PowerMill and get enhanced control of your CNC machinery.
Imported CAD Data Repair
  • Prepare third-party CAD models for manufacture. Find and repair common faults with ease using automatic wizards.
Tolerant Solid Modelling
  • Access solid modelling tools designed for real-world manufacturing problems. Quickly make whole model edits on imperfect data.
Flexible Suface Modelling
  • Produce complex surface geometry using Smart Surface. Make precise edits to create the manufacturing surfaces you need.
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Flexible term lengths
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