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Professional, high-speed and World leading 2, 3 and 5-axis multi-axis CAM software

PowerInspect is a powerful 3D measurement software tool for metrology and measurement of industrial components that Delcam introduced to the market and is now supported by Autodesk. This software is specially designed for accurate 3D measurement and CMM devices planning. This software is one of the most powerful CMM programming software and supports well-designed automated and manual measurement devices in the market.

This application is used in the planning of CMM devices and measurement systems, and includes features such as automatic measurement, CMM scheduling, manual measurement with portable CMM, non-contact measurement, graphical programming , CAD independent measurement, OMV support , Check and verify the quality of the electrodes, automated design and use of measuring points in CAD files.

Make inspecting large, complex and layered parts simpler PowerInspect® 3D measurement software offers a powerful way to inspect, validate and manage quality control for all measurement equipment. Get measurement and metrology tools for manufacturing.

PowerInspect incorporates inspection and verification in CNC machining Get a complete inspection solution for measuring parts while they are still in On Machine Verification (OMV). Machine tool probing helps you to make informed scrap or re-work decisions quickly.

PowerInspect helps you to meet production goals and avoid expensive re-work Save money by highlighting problems early in the manufacturing process Reduce failing with human errors and gain better real-time visibility Minimise long setup times that compromise machine productivity and overall plant capacity

Easy Way to create attractive reports that are easy to understand.
Shared Views
To collaborate on a visual representation of your engineering measurement data online.
Manufacturing Integration
Complete inspection solution for measuring parts while they are still on the machine.
Measurement Repeatability
Embedded probing strategies in Power Inspect promote consistent application of best practice.
Autodesk PowerInspect Ultimate Features:
  • The most powerful CMM and metrology software
  • Supports common measurement devices on the market
  • Ability to measure manually and automatically
  • Non-contact measurement - 3D and fully graphical measurements
  • Graphical programming
  • Performing independent CAD processes
  • Top compatibility with other Autodesk software
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