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Professional, high-speed and World leading 2, 3 and 5-axis multi-axis CAM software

Powermill is an advanced CAM software that shows exceptional success in machining large or complex parts where quality, precision and manufacturing efficiency are of the utmost importance.You can transfer data from virtually any CAD program including surfaces, solids or STL mesh into Power Mill and calculate high-quality 3 to 5-axis NC codes using highly efficient CAM algorithms.

PowerMill combines highly effective algorithms with exceptional levels of control to create, manage and optimize toolpaths to produce the most complex parts seamlessly

Create precision complex parts with advanced CNC programming
Solve complex problems with dedicated CNC strategies
Maximize CNC machine efficiency and part quality
Precise Tooling Solutions Making Better Molds with EDM
Autodesk PowerMill has features and tools including:
  • Expert Performance
  • High-speed roughing
  • 5-axis programming and multi-axis machining
  • Comprehensive finishing
  • Modeling tools to enhance CAM programming
  • Auto tool tilting
  • Blisk and impeller machining
  • Electrode manufacture
  • Schedule production, track jobs, and monitor CNC machines
  • Optimize mold designs and improve manufacturing
  • Use metrology to control manufacturing quality
  • Combine additive and subtractive processes
  • Hybrid manufacturing. Access tools to drive high-rate additive manufacturing processes using industrial robots or hybrid CNC machine tools
Subscription benefits to PowerMill:
  • Extremely low entry cost to adopt CAM technology
  • Reduced low entry cost allows the budget to be utilized for other hardware purchases like High-feed cuters, Shrink-fit-holders,4th axis attachments, e.c.t.
  • Can increase / decrease the number of seats as per the requirements through subscription
  • Upgrade / Downgrade the software as per changing market requirements.
  • Software will be always up to date during annual subscription. No AMC, e.c.t.
  • Best Technical support to delight customer for achieving regular subscription renewals
  • Three varients of PowerMill are available to meet different requirement: PowerMill Standard, PowerMill Premium, and PowerMill Ultimate.
Autodesk® PowerMill is available in three varieties:
PowerMill Standard
PowerMill Premium
PowerMill Ultimate
At a glance
  • High-speed 3-axis
  • 3+2 machining
  • 2.5D and turning
  • Machine simulation
  • Full 5-axis programming
  • Automatic collision
  • Offline robot programming
  • Dynamic machine control
  • Surface probing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Blades, blisks and impellers
  • Ports and manifolds
Purchasing Autodesk® PowerMill

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing Autodesk® PowerMill. We are authorized to sell Autodesk products throughout the Coimbatore